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The speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi was jacked slapped. While visiting china town a cabezon monkey jack slapped her. The handler said it wasn't the monkeys fault. The monkey now known as corn pop felt threatened. A jack ash smile, and your brows high due to face lifts. Will get you a beat down around primates. Nancy fought back fling poo at poor corn pop. They were both checked by a vet.. It was just another shat show by the house speaker, said one reporter. Pop Corn will be on The View talk show on the 26th. To slap the stupidity out of them. However due to covo-19 and travel restrictions. He will be played by a silver back mountain gorilla named Bone Crusher.

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I work

Up date!!! The View talk show hosts had the stupidity slapped out of them by bone crusher. They will all be laid to rest in a single match box. A go fund me was set up for bone crusher. And thank you cards can be sent to the LA zoo.

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